TAOX11 v1.6.0 available

Remedy IT hereby announces the TAOX11 v1.6.0 release. This minor release includes the following features:

  • Significant reduction of CORBA servant generated code by using C++11 lambdas and new features of the TAOX11 core libraries

  • Reduced footprint

  • Make usage of more C++11 features to generate cleaner and easier to read code

  • Performance enhancements by using C++11 move semantics in more areas

  • Provide namespace level swap as described in the upcoming IDL to C++11 v1.3 standard

  • Upgrade to ACE 6.4.6 and TAO 2.4.6

  • Support for Fedora 26 and 27

Free evaluation packages are available for Windows, Linux, and Android!